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Known by her pen name K.M. Martinez is a poet with a penchant for writing deep, striking poems, and an avid writer with over 22 years of writing experience. Drawing inspiration from the challenges and experiences people go through in everyday life, Martinez writes remarkably relatable books about diverse personas, including people who have been traumatized, the shy, timid, and those who feel things deeply yet endeavour to create wonderful relationships. So far, Martinez has published two books - The Dream, The Stars and a Glass Heart, which debuted in 2020, and Once Upon a Mystical Time, a recent contemporary fairytale-themed poetry book. 

Currently, Martinez lives in Sydney, Australia, with her husband and daughter. She spends most of her time writing as she believes this is the best way of expressing her happiness, anger, frustrations, and anxiety since her childhood. When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading about star signs, creating moments with family and friends, going for long drives, relaxing at the beach, and drinking coffee.

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